Nostalgia. It’s a feeling. LA based new-wop ‘The Fontaines’ has encapsulated that very feeling in their new video for their single, “Dusty Springfield” by recreating the classic and very important Seinfeld opening scene,  Jerry Seinfeld, played by Hank Fontaine.

You see, The Fontaines are no novices of the music industry – when the brother sister duo started playing cabaret nights in Southern California, they began to form their sound into a delicious nostalgic melting pot of yumminess.

With influences of the likes of Peggy Lee and Elvis Presley, The Fontaines’ encapsulate an era of music when there was no Soundcloud, Spotify, or Tidal – and the throwback love is real. Their new single, “Dusty Springfield,” features a killer rhythm section, tangy vocals, and a nice flare for humor.

The duo’s brother sister dynamic creates a beautiful layering of vocals that take you back to Frank Sinatra days in a way that we have all been hoping for.

Because honestly… who doesn’t love time travel?

“Dusty Springfield” is our favorite track off this EP – that’s why we held off and released it last.  We are NOT a throwback band of any kind – even if the material we’ve released so far says otherwise.  We don’t want to be lumped into the “Vintage Box” that way too many contemporary artists can’t escape from – even if that means that we’ll have to change our sound drastically the next time we record.” – The Fontaines


Article: Hillary Barleaux


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