As the summer vibes are slowly winding down, we can look forward to fall, mini skirts, and pumpkin spice everything. What makes a band worth listening to? Some say the risk is in the reward. It can be the lyrics, the songs, or the amazing melting pot of sounds. That was Escort this past Friday night at Plaza 33, what makes them special is their funk-disco vibe. You can feel their uniqueness and love of music in their disco sound, it was fun to see the whole crowd dancing at this newly opened outdoor  space.

Escort’s singer, Adeline Michèle brings an little extra something with her one of a kind style and her beautiful wild child hair slicked back and that voice that fits their disco sound oh so smoothly. Escort was the brain child of Dan Balis and Eugene Cho and expanded into something more. Their song, “Cocaine Blues” is reminiscent of Studio 54 and it’s crazy stories from David Bowie hanging out with Blondie to naked women parading on white horses in the club. It’s a very catchy song, but the type that you don’t mind finding yourself humming to.

Growing up with disco and seeing Escort live reminded me why I love the genre so much. They have this amazing chemistry onstage that shows you that not only do they love what they do but that they enjoy working with each other. This is a band I would want to see more and more – the variety in their performance makes the show memorable and exciting.


Article: Karen Silva


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