Can October 16th come any sooner? Young Rising Sons are gearing up for the release of their brand new EP, The Kids Will Be Fine, and the hype is all worth it, I swear! After completely falling in love with these guys when I heard their 2014 self-titled EP, and allowing “High” to become one of the theme songs of my life, I have the 16th marked and circled on my calendar, and I’m ready for some new tracks. I can’t even lie about how much I want a poster of the badass album cover on my wall. Luckily, since we’ve still got a few weeks to wait for the EP, we have been given the gift of hearing some of these tracks early via their YouTube channel, and let me tell you, they’re pretty great.




I am personally going to recommend that “F*cked Up” be your new party jam for the fall season; not just for the frat house folks, but even more generally for the world of party folks.  The lyrics are reminiscent of every great party you’ve ever gone to, reminding you of being “so drunk that you couldn’t stand,” or the nights when you just “couldn’t handle beer.”  The catchy tune will be in your head for days, as the anthem-like chorus provides a great chant for you and your drunken friends to sing out with all your hearts. In all honesty though, I’m completely sober as I write this, and I still absolutely love this song. The cool, modern rock vibe is refreshing, and these guys deserve your ear.


“Coming Home” takes on a different form completely.  The level of passion at which the vocals are sung is intriguing to the ears and to the mind. The nuances in the recording are all purposeful and meaningful. I found myself paying attention to the finger picking on the guitar as it goes along so seamlessly with the somewhat classic rock rhythm guitar part in the background. The breakdown is my favorite part of the song.  The drums and the vocals are intensified as it perfectly melds back into the chorus. As for the video, I hope you’re not afraid of clowns, let’s start there. These guys take you down a dark and desolate street as the words pop up on the screen, “Your idols live behind a screen inside a fantasy world.” They pose meaningful questions about what is real and what is not, and in the end, the words pop up, “Let the truth set you free, and you’ll be just fine.” At the end, you see the clown mask being thrown away to the floor. I love the message of never having to hide behind a mask.  The importance of being truthful to who you are seems to be the message of the video, and I thank the Young Rising Sons for leaving us a message that really resonates with us and makes us think. The fact that the song is awesome is the cherry atop the cake.


Definitely take a listen to those tracks and get excited for the other three, “Flesh and Bone,” “Ghost Of Me,” and “Somebody.” Between the two tracks we’ve had a chance to listen to, I couldn’t be more excited to see what these guys put together for the rest of The Kids Will Be Fine. If you love the tracks so far, be sure to check out Young Rising Sons on their fall headlining Let The Kids Riot Tour, kicking off on October 28th.  As an added bonus, the Night Riots and the Mosers are joining the party as opening acts.  The tour will be making its way through many of our United States, so be sure to check out those dates.  I hope to see all of you New Yorkers at their Brooklyn Bowl on November 22nd!

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Article: Alex Feigin


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