Self described “heart palpitator,” and Brooklyn-based artist, Chateau D’if (Brando Kress) didn’t only release his EP, Possibilities today but also an emotionally captivating video for his song “Anti-Hero.”

The song is about someone not feeling like they are capable of being another person’s hero in life. The main character wants to, so badly, be able to be there for the secondary character but he claims that he doesn’t feel like he would be able to provide the best care.

The repeating line, “Though you save me, I am still in disrepair. You shouldn’t have to die, oh I would let you die,” juxtaposed with the image of a male holding a limp female in his arms shows the viewer how emotionally distraught the main character is about the situation at hand.

The video consists of the two characters running through an abandoned warehouse full of graffiti, broken windows and intruding plant life with looks of despair on their faces. This depicts the feeling of carelessness that the main character seems to have attributed to himself.

Powerful lyrics, metaphorical imagery and the dreamy synth-pop sound of Chateau D’if’s music create a dreamscape of intense emotion that the viewer gets lost in.

If you haven’t gotten your fix of “Anti-Hero,” Chateau D’if will be having a screening of the music video on Saturday at Rockwood Music Hall.

The idea of not having control and coming to the blunt realization of that concept is extremely prevalent in the storyline of both the song and the video.  Trying to recreate that as a visual concept was best done through the idea of reality and broken reality. A sort of lucid dream sequence. The Boy, played by Brando, is lead from reality into this dream place by a lucid girl figure played by Marielle.  The girl is always within reach but when it seems like she’s finally captured she dies or simply disappears much like a dream or a fever. – Brando Kress


Article: Merissa Blitz


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