This man came long ways to join us at this year’s CMJ: Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Fraser A. Gorman resembles folk-troubadour Bob Dylan in looks as much as he does in in his musical style. He has just released his debut record, Slow Gum, earlier this year and is already making waves in his homeland and across Europe.
As a record, Slow Gum doesn’t reinvent the wheel. It’s not a very innovative record. But it’s an album so well-crafted with little folk-rock gems and witty and touching lyrics, you can’t help but like it. Need proof? Check out our CMJ Whiskey Session with the man. Listen to his tender plucking of guitar strings, accompanying the narration of a quiet little tale. Hear his voice crack ever so slightly, because he had just gotten out of bed. In fact, he hadn’t even had coffee yet.


Fraser A. Gorman

Fraser A. Gorman – Paul Smith


Video: Standard Production

Article: Julia Maehner


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