For the first time, we opened up our Whiskey Sessions to the public and it was a treat to see some of the best up-and-comers the world has to offer. Filming eight sessions in two days is no small feat, but the professionals over at Standard Production made it seem easy. Paul Smith was an amazing host, while the brews from Sweetwater Brewing Company went down smooth for all.

When Petter Ericson Stakee of Alberta Cross walked into the courtyard, guitar in tow and full of smiles – we knew we were in for a treat. His demeanor was chipper and friendly, an amazing feat as it was barely after noon. After tuning his guitar a bit he broke into “Western State” for us and for the next 15 minutes he effortlessly belted out the rolling tune.

Alberta Cross

Alberta Cross


With many memorable lines such as, “You’re playing life like a house of cards, on the edge of your seat just to match your past,” this song will get you thinking about the perils of living too fast.


Video: Standard Production

Article: Shayne Hanley



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