With a name like Ewert And The Two Dragons it’s only normal to be curious to hear what they sound like. In this CMJ Whiskey Session they perform “Circles” (the title track of their 3rd album). It hits you in all the right places by showing friends gathered, who all share the same love for music with black and white overlays of the city streets.

Acoustic sets will always be likable. There is something about the unpolished way Ewert And The Two Dragons went about it though that makes you want to listen to it over and over again, contemplating your life. As simple as the melody and sound may seem, this song cuts deep. The emotion captured is beautiful, especially when you add lyrics like “this is it, a real goodbye. I cannot walk in circles till I die. Cut the ties and let it go. I’ve crossed a line I drew so long ago.”

This song and performance really makes me wonder if there is beauty in vulnerability.


Video: Standard Production

Article: Kayla Klein


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