A lot of artists have taken on blue-eyed soul, but Smoke Season have earned full rights to blue-haired soul. In this final CMJ Whiskey Session, the indie rockers concoct a spooky groove on “Bees” and redefine what a session can be. (Don’t worry – tasty sips from SweetWater Brewing Co. are still a mandatory feature).

Standard Production captures a visual feast as Gabrielle Wortman and Jason Rosen swizzle their mix. Against the pink fortress of Paul Smith NYC, their unique style pops as their music soothes. While Rosen layers an entrancing foundation on his Gibson, Wortman kneels in a tangle of cords, pedals, and Røde mics, indulging in effects.

In a fluid fight between wicked and angelic, her vocals tease your ears and toy with the blues. Together, they lure you into a world where you won’t be lonely, and “you get the honey without the sting.” With such a bewitching sound, it’s not only tempting to believe Smoke Season’s words – it’s easy to.


Video: Standard Production

Article: Olivia Isenhart



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