Alright, we know what you’re thinking… a Justin Bieber cover? But the collaboration between Brooklyn based, Frances Cone and Paperwhite resulted in a refreshing take on Bieber’s “Sorry.” The original track has a chill, island vibe, but the “pleading for forgiveness” tone sometimes comes across as insincere.  The cover’s soft vocals and synth add a  layer of whimsical humility to the dance jam.

You can see Frances Cone and Paperwhite perform the cover live at Rough Trade on Wednesday, November 18th.  The four member indie pop band, Frances Cone combines multiple instruments and harmonic vocals to balance heavy subject matter with a calm and reflective sound. Lead singer, Christina Cone’s voice augments the outfit’s tracks with her ability to transition from soulful hymns to electronic to folk lullabies.  Siblings Katie and Ben Marshall make up the mystical pop band Paperwhite. The duo creates music that envelops you and makes you feel like you are on a trip through ’80s electronic.


Article: Alx Bear


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