Sam Geller, who goes by the moniker Samson the Truest, has released his new video of a track off Come Back Shane and we got a first look. “Gunslinger” is a beautifully complicated song and video.  The juxtaposition between light and dark and loneliness and companionship (even if it is a forbidden love) highlights a struggle that most of us are familiar with.

The video opens with what appear to be a stream of memories of a past girlfriend.  Woven into these images are hints of guilt and a perfectly crafted shot of a backlit Geller smoking a cigarette. The soft melody and steady drum tap match the slowly evolving video that makes you wonder if Geller is actually waking from a dream, rather than reminiscing.

But what really hits you is the honesty of his lyrics.  Samson the Truest, perhaps indicative of his biblical namesake, confesses to being known as a “gunslinger,” having an affair, trying to make it as a musician and “want[ing] to be born again.”  Throughout the video there is an air of regret and sorrow, yet somehow Geller seems perfectly content and happy with his past decisions.  He has lived and loved; loved and lost and wants us all to know that we are bigger than our past decisions.

Gunslinger was directed by Saskia Kahn and Director of Photography is Tamara Porras.


Article: Alx Bear


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