Jordan Phillips and Adam Stark who make up the alternative pop duo Apollo LTD with combine the energy of an arena rock show with a mixture of edgy guitar riffs, dreamy synths, and punchy drum beats across the board on their four-song debut self-titled EP. The hook-driven songs have very modern sounding themes to them, finding their way somewhere between X Ambassadors and Twenty One Pilots in the world of where pop-fueled rock music currently finds itself in 2015.

The Nashville songwriters/producers take a break from writing for others and put out their own FM friendly tunes with hit single potential in “Run The Night” and “What Are You Waiting For.” Together Phillips and Stark have put together a collaborative sound that simply reflects today’s rock landscape with four catchy songs that will make any young music fan today find space on their next playlist creation. The only regret these two should have is they waited until the very end of 2015 to release the EP, as they easily could have made their way onto numerous 2016 Artists To Keep An Eye On Lists.


Whiskey Rating: 4 out of 5 shots


Article: Tom Shackleford




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