If you need a good cry today, look no further than NYC based band The Commuters’ new music video for their song “You’ll Stay Right Here.” Frontman Zeeshan Zaidi wrote the song to comfort a friend of his who was diagnosed with cancer. It’s an uplifting song telling the fighter that they “are far too good to leave,” and promising them that they’ll stay here together as long as they keep fighting this disease.

In the video, Bella and Max, two dogs that find love at a dog park, get married and think they’re going to live life happily ever after – that is, until Max gets sick. It’s hard watching Bella struggle with the fact that the love of her life might die. I won’t spoil the ending but the journey of Max and Bella is one that rivals a human relationship. It’s a nice lighthearted but emotional way to portray the song while sending the message of comfort.

The Commuters put out the song in conjunction with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and if you go buy the song on iTunes, all the proceeds will be going to the organization to help defeat cancer – talk about using music for good.

The Commuters

The Commuters


Article: Merissa Blitz



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