Los Angeles based alternative rock group might have some intertwined Swedish pop roots – but the real root of this hard-working group is their endurance – and an authentic knack for laying the truth on the line. With their breakout single, “The Struggle,” Grizfolk were catapulted into a high manor of quality, radio friendly rock. “The Struggle” explains the true tug at the human heart strings we all feel at one point – a true engulfed fear of fighting against our own conscience in order to accomplish what we truly believe in.

Their sound might cater to the sonic needs of Berklee heads American Authors and those spirited, hope-engulfed fans of Imagine Dragons. With their debut album, Virgin Records rostered “Waking Up The Giants,” Grizfolk have embarked on a national tour to promote their newest body of work – but they are no novices of the touring life.

Put some vocally chanted melodies, stirred around with a mix of organic and electronic melting pop thrown in there, and Grizfolk accomplishes a true side of optimistic, easy listening that breathes hope and life into an otherwise uninspiring sling of releases this winter.

We caught up with Brendan James and the rest of the band via phone airwaves to check in on how they’re feeling.


P&W: “The Struggle” was the song that really helped Grizfolk emerge onto the scene. Can you explain to our readers your relationship with that song? How important, as an artist or group, is it to build an identity based on a solid song that reaches people on a more immediate sense?

We’ve all worked our asses off for years (seems like a lifetime) to find a situation like this. “The Struggle” was the first time we all realized we’re on the right path, finally. It was a breath of fresh air to watch something we created blossom into something other people cherished as well. The song will always be something we look back on as the catalyst to our career.


P&W: Does touring get easier the more you do it in terms of endurance/longevity/focus? What are the most challenging aspects?

It didn’t take us long to get our tour legs, we love almost everything about it. We love people, we love traveling, and we love playing music. But, touring is really hard on the body and mind. We’re always on the go. The hardest part really is staying healthy. When one person gets sick, usually the rest of us get sick as well. Aside from that, we really can’t live without playing for our fans. We go stir crazy if we have too much time off in LA. We have to be on the road or we feel worthless.


P&W: “The Struggle,” along with many other songs on “Waking Up the Giants,” are all very powerful in terms of melody. Explain to us the importance of a good melody in a pop song. What do you think it was/is about the writing relationship between Adam and Fred/Sebastian that made the cowrite of “The Struggle” go viral?

Hooks are what get people including ourselves through our day to day lives. It’s the most important part of songwriting aside from storytelling. Fred and Sebastian came from Sweden which is like hook heaven, and I (Adam) came from the south which was very Americana driven. We naturally combined the two aspects and Grizfolk popped out.


P&W: Would you say Grizfolk’s writing comes from a spiritual or political viewpoint? What do you guys try to get across in your content?

It’s always different. We have very strong opinions on all kinds of things but we want to create music that is for the people, for everyone to enjoy regardless of politics, religion and spirituality. If we disagree with you, we still love you and appreciate your beliefs.


P&W: What acts are you most influenced by who are completely the opposite of your own sound?

Aerosmith, Rod Stewart, Billy Joel, Tupac, Biggie Smalls.


P&W: Lastly but most importantly, (Pancakes’ favorite question) what’s Grizfolk’s favorite whiskey?

Bulleit Rye.


Be sure to catch Grizfolk at the Gramercy Theatre on 2-11, click HERE to win a pair of tickets to the gig.

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Article: Hillary Barleaux



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