Nothing beats robots, aliens, and complex human emotions! In this homemade music video from Sci-Fi Romance, the song “Goodbye at the End of the World” gets exquisitely literal as two computer-animated heroes take on the stuff of 1950s nightmares; their struggles set to a seriously sick soundtrack. “I started trying to think about the song in different ways,” explained frontman-turned-animator Vance Kotrla. “Even though its title is metaphorical, I asked, ‘what if I did just take it literally?’”

“I figured, ‘hell, if I’m going to make a video with aliens and space ships, the only way to do it is like a 1950s flying saucer movie and jam as many allusions and in-jokes into it as possible.’ I’d never done computer animation before, but I took a swing.” And the video is quite the swing: an engrossing black-and-white adventure with multifaceted characters that you instantly feel connected to.

As Kotrla puts it, “I don’t think that’s the worst end result for a project where I started off asking myself, ‘is there any way I can have a robot step on a gas station?'”


Article: Olivia Isenhart


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