If you know me, you’d know that I’ve been following the career of Matt Corby for quite some time now. Back when I was exposed to his music and before I really understood what he was capable of, I thought to myself, “he is just another singer/songwriter, how much different can he possibly be?” I was gladly proven wrong. The first song I ever heard his voice on was “Untitled,” which starts off as tender and somber as many songs do, but exploded with such force, with guttural vocals and earnest delivery. He had been hailed as the second coming of Jeff Buckley and the comparisons were certainly not lost on me. But, having just listened to his debut album, Telluric, he has clearly carved his own musical niche and has come into his own.


Matt Corby – Lesley Keller


Starting the album off with a smooth bass line and sleepy drums, “Belly Side Up” sets the stage for the album. “We are the fixture of the industry/So then why go all undecided holding me?” he sings. The song wraps you up completely and never lets go. It’s a beautiful song to open with and the rest of the album continues in similar fashion. From the handclaps on “Monday,” to the  “oohs” peppered on the aptly named “Oh Oh Oh,” comes across as wholly organic and thoroughly soulful. Strong influences from R&B, Blues and Jazz are dominant in this record, which is surprising if you are familiar with Corby’s 5 EP’s worth of folk-influenced, singer-songwriter tunes. While there is definitely a song included for people who enjoyed that sound, (“Good To Be Alone”), the decisions that Corby and co-producer Dann Hume made, combined with excellent songwriting on this record hit all the right marks.


Completely scrapping his first attempt at a record, this second effort is cohesive and maintains a healthy point of view throughout. Matt’s strong vocals allow him to effortless weave in and out of the pockets on each track and surround the listener with a startling amount of intimacy. For it to be his first full-length effort, all of the years of cranking out EP’s and touring have clearly paid off. His vocal decisions are deliberate and confident. I would be lying if I said it didn’t make me smile while listening to how far he had come. Just importantly as the power in his voice, the level of control and restraint he’s able to exert when necessary is masterful.

While this album might not have a radio-friendly selection to ingrain in your mind or leave hanging from the tips of tongues, it really isn’t necessary. Matt has the inherent talent and authenticity that people seek out in the sea of autotune and pop bombs. His relentless will to adhere to his artistic integrity is exactly what I expected from him and this record certainly does not disappoint, and was unquestionably worth the wait. Telluric might even be the catalyst to propel Corby to the next stage of his career, and the fame that accompanies it… even if he might not want it.


Article: Lesley Keller


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