These days, it’s not hard to find a singer/songwriter strumming his tunes on a well-loved guitar somewhere in NYC, but Queens, NY native, Matt Sucich, was a welcomed find that I stumbled onto one night at Mercury Lounge. This time, he has nestled himself into my playlist with “Dog-Eared Page.” This gem, recorded during the Saltlands Studio sessions that resulted in 2015’s “Stripping For The Blind,” admittedly improved my mood upon first listen. With lyrics like “I’ve ruined some good things trying to make them great/I’ve missed the forest for the trees I’d say/What we had I could have guessed it would’ve ended this way.” You would think it would have the opposite effect, but mainly it gave me such strong feelings of hope and celebration, not to mention a chorus that is worthy of a car/train/bus sing-a-long or two

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Matt Sucich


On subsequent listens, I can easily see the song placed strategically in a movie; imagine a guy and gal in an old beat up hatchback, travelling down an unmarked, dusty road, as their rambunctious dog crawls into their lap… and fade to black, roll credits. So many versions of imagery pop into my head, the mark of great songwriting, and undeniable melody.

Lucky for us New Yorkers, Matt is performing at Bowery Ballroom with Filligar and Rainbow Kitten Surprise on May 27th, tickets on sale now. You’re definitely going to want to put this one on repeat to learn the lyrics far in enough in advance to shout shamelessly at Matt during the show.

– “On that note, If fans want to have some fun and create their own playlists, I suggest tossing this track in between ‘The Lonely Dreamer’ and ‘Lay Low’…just saying that mayyyyyy be where it would’ve ended up in the sequence.” – Matt Sucich


Article: Lesley Keller



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