Time comes for us all. It’s a stranger to none and an enemy to most – or at least that is what The Loom’s newest video, “I Am Not Young” seems to imply. A long introduction of sorrowful pricks on the guitar announces a young girl who watches a bird through the window. Reflections on the glass indicate that days continue to pass into nights before the girl’s eyes.  The girl tries to harness the moon but it envelopes her and she embraces sleep.

Directed by Courtney Ziegler, the stop-motion animation video of the Brooklyn based folk band is as full of imagery as it is visceral. John Fanning’s vocals hit deep and remind you of a sacred Native American chant. The lyrics, video and tone suggest that the band is in mourning and as soon as you begin to think hope is lost, a shift occurs. Images of cell regeneration and reproduction hint at the rebuilding and continuance of life after a traumatic event. The song and video show that messages can be found in the quieter and darker moments of life and it is how you accept the messages that determine how you will heal.

The Loom is made up of John Fanning (guitar, vocals), Lis Rubard (horn, trumpet, keys, organ, vocals), John Mosloskie (bass, vocals), and Mike Rasimas (drums). Their new album, Here in the Deadlights is set to be released on April 22nd via Crossbill Records/Stereocilia.


Article: Alx Bear




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