Lauren Aquilina may be a household name in the UK, but the American pop scene is still easing into the young brit’s catalogue. I was lucky to catch her in a room of a hundred early catchers-on at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 last year. “Kicks,” the usually dark and broody vixen’s new single, exemplifies a lighter side of the writer, having been working on her major label full length debut for over two years now.

“Kicks” is an in-your-face account of letting go of something that’s holding you down – and really allowing yourself to start taking the steps necessary to move on.

In the video, Aquilina shows power via a boxing rink, immersed in fans, singing along to the energetic and mighty anthem. Lauren’s career has been based on – over the years – drawing from strength, and truly rising above the constant pressure of the industry; recycling it in a powerful and buzz-worthy form in a sea of sincerely authentic songwriting.

Though Aquilina doesn’t have current plans of touring the US, you can stream her previous EP’s in anticipation of her full length on Spotify now.


Article: Hillary Barleaux



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