Who here remembers the time of dating before the internet? Anyone? Assuming many of you are younger, you may not remember the “old” dating scene, whereas you’d put on your best kicks, lather up in some drakkar noir, stop by the ATM and then hit the bars to find your next possible mate. Now, from what I gather, it’s a simpler task of swiping left or right and then doing a backround check before hitting the swanky coffee shop for an awkward encounter. If all goes well, you end up in this weird scene of “who changes their relationship status first” and 4oo selfies together to prove your love to the online community.

Upgrade is sick of all of this nonsense and brings you this captivating new video for “New Age Love.” In the lengthiest song off his LP called Chemical Imbalance, he struggles with the conception of love and acceptance in a social environment, and we can certainly identify. With a delivery as smooth as buttah, he brings these ideas to life with a masterful storyteller’s flair and impeccable timing.

“I started writing this when I was just fed up and annoyed with the way relationships are portrayed on social media. Everything seems forced and done for the approval of others. I just started feeling that the idea of love or falling in love, being with someone you claim to love, had become so insincere and dishonest. It’s the longest song on the album and I still feel like I could have written another five verses and not be finished. Or maybe I’m just single, bitter and lonely.” – Upgrade


Get your copy of Chemical Imbalance HERE and spin that until his next local gig at Shea Stadium on 6-20.

Upgrade Live

Upgrade Live



Ecid and Bleubird w/Upgrade
Jun 10 Albany, NY @ Fuze Box*
Jun 15 Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
Jun 16 Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery
Jun 17 New Haven, CT @ Lyric Hall Theater
Jun 18 Kingston, NY @ The Anchor
Jun 19 Providence, RI @ Dusk
*Jun 20 Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium


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Article: Shayne Hanley


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