Anthemic, heart-rocking emotion. There isn’t much else you need for a new summer hit. Today, The Living Statues drop their new single, “I Never Asked.” They bring a fresh take to the typical four-on-the-floor songs and leave you wanting more with their imaginative lyrics battling temptation but ultimate response of giving in to love.

The lead singer, Tommy Shears, delivers a belt-worthy vocal performance. The band carries out a fierce drumbeat in the chorus and drops into a spacious backbeat for the verses to clear a space for the focused storyline in the lyrics.

“I never asked for your love but you gave it anyway,” repeats in the chorus. It gave me a strong impression of unrequited love, but from whom or what? I’m not sure. But the vivid imagery is undeniable. “I see your silhouette in a cigarette so I take a hit like I never quit.”

The song is an instant indie-rock classic. I’ll be singing it all week and I don’t suppose it’ll fade until I hear more from the brothers of The Living Statues.


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Article: Tiffany Wilson


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