The New York City based Courtesy Tier released another single from their upcoming debut album Everyone’s OK, today. “And We Don’t Know” is a raucous vessel that carries the message of abandonment and self-help.

A fierce opening guitar and quick drum introduces the symbolic story of a man who left in search of fuel and help to repair a broken down car. Almost a day has gone by and he has not returned to his friends with either, and the friends “don’t know if anybody is coming.” The man has the opportunity to save them all, but doubt is spreading and “six people [may be] lost.”

The band is known for its bluesy, garage-rock undertones. However, this song is different from previous releases.  There’s no slow burn of sound, but rather but an uproar of vocals and guitar.  It is the kind of song that a band will close a set with or play as an encore. Courtesy Tier is playing their record release show on July 31st at Trans Pecos, and we couldn’t be more excited to hear the full album.

Courtesy Tier Album Release show

Courtesy Tier Album Release show


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Article: Alx Bear



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