Some might say that the land of East Nashville has been densely repopulated by trust fund babies and a distaste for the authenticity of original, true rock music.

But Ranch Ghost speaks truth. Today, we premiere their new music video for “Ragged Mile.” Their rehearsal space might be a bit of a nervous breakdown for an OCD interior decorator, but Ranch Ghost protrudes into the scene with a sound that incorporates 60’s psychedelic rock, in a world of four track recorders and swamp-seasoned grit.

In preparation of their July 1st album release and an opening slot for Alabama Shakes at Mud Island Amphitheater in Memphis, TN, we have no doubt Ranch Ghost will continue a steady and successful trudge through the Southern summer mud with catchy roots that’ll have any beer and shot special-loving audience member dancing with a snake in their boots.


Article: Hillary Barleaux



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