The term “rock n’ roll” can mean many things, it can be hard, soft, soulful, country or punk – it can make you cry, laugh, dance or rage. Despite the track’s southern roots, and soulful backbone – Andrew Leahey just wants you to think of it as Rock N’ Roll, and we are just fine with that.

We are happy to premiere the live-video for Silver Linings today by Andrew Leahey & The Homestead and by the looks of it, things could have turned out very differently for Mr. Leahey as he was diagnosed with a brain tumor before writing this record. As the story goes; shortly after coming off tour for the summer he was diagnosed with a serious tumor and without surgery could have faced losing his hearing, balance and quite possibly his life. Over months of recovery from the surgery, he wrote what would become Skyline In Central Time and this is just one of the many impressive tracks on the LP.

“Being a working musician basically requires you to set aside the lessons your mother taught you. It’s hard on your body, on your sleeping patterns, on your wallet. It’s hard on the relationships you have back home. But if you have to do it, you simply have to do it. That’s both the beauty and the ugliness of this job. I suppose ‘Silver Linings’ is equal parts tribute to my buddies in the business — these players and songwriters who’ve been busting their asses, often for nothing more than a comped bucket of beer — and cautionary tale. The silver linings in the music industry never come for free, so you need to make sure you’re in it for the right reasons.” – Andrew Leahey


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