There’s something whimsical about Giselle Mynx. She’s hacked through a world of despair and disappointment, breaking through to the true effervescence of possibility, love, and not to mention – LOTS of pink. She lives in a fairytale world of glitter, carousels, and pastels.

Giselle Mynx

Giselle Mynx


Giselle and I were introduced through a mutual entertainment biz friend a few years ago. Mynx hails from the movie star capital of Hollywood, where anything is possible and one’s wildest dreams are told to come true.

Today, Pancakes exclusively premieres the new video for her tune, “The Murder Ballad of Beatrix Kiddo,” a tragic tale of the inescapable, palpable chained love in which we all try to pry ourselves from, but in the end we know there’s no way out.

From an elementary listener’s ears, Mynx’s sound could be compared right off the bat to another fairy vixen, Chateau Marmot frequenter and Lolita exposé Lana Del Rey. But if you dig deeper, there’s something there.

Mynx’s usual pink and bubbly world is turned grey by the visuals in the video, hopping the streets in search for something beyond her newly wed lover. Because the truth of the matter is – love is unfortunately emotionally binding. Mynx’s character longs for something beyond, a world of possibility in which even the truest loves die, in spite of the magic they bring us. Most things aren’t built to last, but Pancakes sees a bright future for Mynx as she builds her bicoastal name as a true songwriter and artist.


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Article: Hillary Barleaux


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