Here at Pancakes, we value a great live-performance more than anything, so are excited to bring you this fantastic live video from Humeysha titled “Radio ’47.”

While this our first glimpse of the band out of Brooklyn, via New Delhi – they immediately make a lasting memory with the video which was recorded in Brooklyn at Metrotech Commons for Rooftop Films. Laden with bouncing guitar notes, syrupy-sweet basslines and ethereal vocals, “Radio ’47” is a song that places you somewhere strange amongst the ether and the journey is a colorful one. The tempo of the song changes a handful times within its 4 and-a-half minutes which makes it unique in a world of 5 chord songs and auto-tune. The way the video flows is impressive, from the lights, the sound, to the band’s outfits and the seamless camera work, makes this one of the year’s best to date.


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