For some of us, the upcoming Labor Day holiday is fabulous because it marks the start of Fall. We can start digging out our favorite boots and jeans, and wave goodbye as bugs go back to the hell in which they belong. Others aren’t so stoked, since it signals the end of fun in the sun, beaches and bikinis. Either way, I think we can all agree that it also begins my favorite season: Bourbon Drinking. Though I don’t typically wait til fall for bourbon (a delicious smash with fresh summer berries is great, plus gives me the chance to be a nerd and say, “HULK SMASH” every time I make one) but some people do. Either way, bourbon season is upon us, and it starts out with September, which is officially National Bourbon Heritage Month.




In 2007, Congress decided that Bourbon needed a month all of its own and no, I don’t know what took them so long. It was already dubbed the national spirit, way back in 1964, with a Congressional Resolution to make it official. (Interesting what Congress can do when it wants to, right?) There are all sorts of myths surrounding bourbon (no, it doesn’t have to be made in Kentucky to be called bourbon), but regardless of who started them, hand me that glass, I’m gonna finish it.

To get ready for your Labor Day party, and to kick off National Bourbon Month the right way, check out these unusual bourbon cocktails:


~If you can’t bear to leave your summer beer behind, the folks at Beer Mixology have got you covered with a selection of beer & bourbon cocktails


~Place a Wager on whether Bourbon has to be made in Kentucky, but make sure you’ve already got the drink in your hand


~Natalie’s drinks are as delicious as her pictures are pretty over at Beautiful Booze



~If you need a new place to buy your bourbon, try DrinkupNY – they have a great selection, including wines and other spirits


Article: Jeanne Runkle


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