If you haven’t heard of Madaila yet, that’s about to change in a big way with their single called “Children Of The Stars” from their upcoming LP Traces, due out next month. The Burlington, VT based psych-pop band really brings a throwback style to the song, but all while keeping it super fresh with an odd time-signature, spacy synths, a powerful hook and soaring vocals. We can’t wait for the album to drop as it features a number of pretty special dance-tunes that are not your average ‘Top 40’ tracks we’ve been inundated with recently.

“The night I wrote “Children of the Stars”, I remember having a rather heady conversation with my dad. He loves astronomy, and we were talking about existential, cosmic, “big picture” type things. In our conversation he used this term – “children of the stars,” referring to each and everyone of us, which I thought was an awesome phrase, both in its meaning and in the sound of the words. Later that same evening, while tracking scratch vocals and writing first draft lyrics, I ended up using that phrase in the big outro of the song. I often end up using pieces of words along to the melody as stand-in until I have written lyrics, before I even know what the song is about. At the time, it didn’t really make sense or connect with the overall meaning of the song, but I used it anyway. Little did I know that a year later the song would be on our new record and actually entitled “Children of the Stars.” – Mark Daly


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