One of our favorite duo’s, Crushed Out, are back with a lovably-weird new video for “Love Howl” and we couldn’t be happier to share it with you all today. And in even bigger news; we are excited to help spread the word about their new LP entitled Alien Ocean which drops on 9-30, and will be celebrated heartily at The Good Room on 9-28 with a record release party.

“Love Howl” is the type of tune we have grown to expect from the rockers – catchy guitar licks, rumbling drums, foot-tapping backbeats and unusual, but fun lyricism. The video is a zany adventure that doesn’t take itself seriously, something we can relate to here at P&W. We also love the personal attention and details that Moselle Spiller and Frankie Sunswept include in everything they do, they are the ultimate DIY band that makes their own videos, artwork and plans their relentless touring schedule, by themselves. In doing everything in-house, the band has a incredible pledge music campaign going on and ends in 3 days. You can get the album in Vinyl, Cassette, and digital forms along with some sweet artwork, t-shirts and even a personal house-show, if you can pony up the dough. Be sure to visit their pledge and pre-order the LP HERE.

Get your tickets to their record release show on 9-28 at Good Room with High Waisted here.



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