It’s mostly winter now, at least for most of the country. (I’m looking at you, San Diego).

Snowflakes aren’t falling…yet, but the thermometer certainly has.


Thanks for the tip…and the germs

You can also tell it’s winter by the number of cooties flying around.

Yep, welcome to cold season.

During my current bout of publicly-acquired cooties (a benefit to a career in hospitality, it seems), I’ve had gallons and gallons of tea.


And then more tea.

Today, while I’m not exactly 100% (more like a solid 55%, with hopes of getting to 60), I’m braving milk.

Because I woke up with a serious craving for hot chocolate.

And then realized that since I’m at home anyway….why not add a little whiskey?

NOW we’re talking.


Mellow Mocha, reboot

Last year, I created the Mellow Mocha, which was seriously delicious.

This year, with my taste buds on the blink, I thought I’d add a little spice.

Plus, I’ve moved out to where there are trees and not a Trader Joe’s in sight, so no caramel sauce for me.

(Unless you’d like to send some, I’d cheerfully accept it).


Mexican Mocha that’s still Mellow

Hot chocolate:

1.5 cups of milk

2 TB Cocoa powder

4 TB sugar (or to taste – I use demerara)

Pinch fleur de sel  (or whatever salt you have)

Splash vanilla

Dash Chipotle powder*

Dash Cayenne

Don’t boil the milk, just bring it up slowly to about 180° (or where bubbles form around the edge of the pan).

For demerara, I’d already put it in with the milk so it would start to melt.

Whisk all the other stuff into the milk, let it warm through.

*the size of your dash depends on your tastes, this isn’t supposed to be hot sauce


Bring it all together

Grab a mug, fill it half way with hot cocoa, fill most of the way with brewed coffee.

Now comes the magic!

Add 1.5 ounces of George Dickel No. 12.

Gently stir, pull up a seat and enjoy. (you can even grab the whipped cream, if you’re feeling fancy)



Article: Jeanne Runkle



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