Walking along the streets of Lower East Side always brings nostalgic memories especially when one of those is Bowery Ballroom. Known for its classic, dimly lit space – it was the perfect space for the bands set to perform on Friday. Walking across the venue you could see the crowd’s excitement and anticipation for The Strokes’  Nick Valensi’s new band, CRX.

The best nights always start with a random story especially when you run into a random musician who happens who to be Fabrizio Moretti of The Strokes. It could only get better after that and it absolutely did. It’s always pleasantly surprising when the least expected member of a band has a solo project and does a great job not only with the song but live as well.

CRX, is an LA based band formed by Valensi in 2013 – the band’s first single, “Ways To Fake It,” was released in September to positive reviews. If you find hints of Queens of the Stone Age influence in their sound, it’s because the talented Josh Homme helped produce their debut album, New Skin. Such sound is defined in CRX’s song, “Broken Bones,” a deliciously grungy tune that goes well with a whiskey drink in hand.

As the band appeared on stage, the crowd went wild as they began to play, Ways to Fake It and proceeded to play songs from their debut album. Valensi shredded on his guitar as he played and sang – proving that sometimes you never know what hidden talents some artists have. You can see the band having a great time on stage as they sang each song, you could see random smiles here and there. This is a band you can see many times because of their roaring energy and memorable, loud as hell songs. Despite critics reviews – the fans were loving every moment and reveling in singing along with the band. Don’t be taken aback if you’re thinking they’ll sound just like The Strokes – yes, there’s a bit of an influence but Valensi makes sure he brings something modern and a refreshed take on his band’s own sound.

Seeing their shaggy hair and ripped jeans, couldn’t help but reminisce when post punk revival bands had breathed life back into the streets of New York City. Even Valensi had a moment onstage where he mentioned his adventures at the Bowery Ballroom when he was younger.


Article: Karen Silva


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