Pancakes And Whiskey is excited to premiere the second single from Instant Treeline off their debut EP Morning Songs (due out on 12-9). When you hit play, you’re transported to some back-country hootenanny complete with a bonfire and moonshine. With the fast-paced acoustic guitars acting as your tour guide, you tap your feet in approval. Shortly after, the rolling song changes directions slightly and brings more of a pop-sound to the already impressive mix – which is a heady-feat to combine Americana and sensible Pop, and make it work.

Instant Treeline is a collaboration between musician Will Leet and poet Christopher Burns. An unlikely pair, they have spent the last five years crafting an Americana/Pop style, inspired by their shared passion for the woods and movement. They both define music as a spiritual necessity, though they understand it in different ways. Burns cant recognize a single scale, while Leet plays more than five instruments on their debut. Their process of creation is, therefore, entirely reactive and collaborative — founded on a shared respect of each others abilities.

 “Winter Storm was written while riding in the back of a car on the highway, and it is super fast and party-driven. Its lyrical shape is a warning against ignorantly hurting those who might get caught up in one’s self-destructive whirlwind.” – Instant Treeline

Be sure to catch the band’s album-release party at Leftfield, NYC on 12-10.


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