Brooklyn garage-rock duo The Falling Birds have been up to some really good stuff, and today, we’re proud to premiere their newest single, “Cinders in the Breeze,” right here on Pancakes & Whiskey. Dig right in and check it out up above.

The duo, comprised of Stephen Artemis (guitar, vocals) and Dave Alan (drums, keys) show us a pretty different side in this gritty, acoustic track, whose catchy melody has a soft, gradual way of sneaking up on you. Even so, you can almost smell the pine needles and mountain air as soon as you hit play, and the lyrics are just as immersive. As “Cinders in the Breeze” builds, it cooks up a bluesy, dusky, road-trip-ready vibe, with just a twinge of recklessness buried in its rugged strumming.

“I’m really happy with the way this song turned out,” said Stephen of the new work, which was, in fact, borne out of his own childhood memories. “I was feeling nostalgic for the days when I was a kid in upstate New York with nothing but open space in front of me and time on my hands. We used to have bonfires in the yard, and I would watch the cinders rise up in the air and float away,” he reminisced. “I wanted the song to be like that.”

They pulled it off, and we can’t wait to hear more. The Falling Birds are due to release a brand new EP, What Is There to Talk About, on February 17th, 2017, so keep an eye on these guys.


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Article: Olivia Isenhart




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