Today we are happy to premiere our first song of the new year from Ursae called “So Green Her Eyes.” The rolling and atmospheric tune is the first single off his debut, self-titled EP due out on 2-17-17.

Combining smart lyrics and an uncanny ability to create lush arrangements surrounding the words, Ursae creates a world where the listener can fully submerge themselves without pretense. The lines throughout are delivered with a sense of honesty and self-degradation, and when he sings “I flirt with death…Every chance I get…every time I see her, she ignores me,” you kinda feel for the guy. And since feeling’s aren’t always the main-subjects of pop-songs, this track stands out from the pack which makes us excited to hear more from the NYC artist.

“So Green Her Eyes”


“So Green Her Eyes” imagines Death as this girl I had a crush on in high school, but was way out of my league.  I thought about her all the time, but it never would’ve worked out.  The song looks at depression and loneliness and says, “You might fantasize about Death, but it’s not right for you.  Be with someone you deserve.” – Ursae


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Cover Image: Ross Perkel




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