If you’re feeling hungry for new music, then feast your eyes on this whacky video premiere from Brooklyn based Ben Pagano & The Space Machine called “Killin’ It In The Kitchen.” This funky and sassy tune is the second single (and first video) off his forthcoming sophomore album called Forms, which is due out in April.

Highlighted by Pagano’s signature piano/synth licks, the video starts easy and free with a touch of soul and back-end funk that seems familiar, but with a fresh new-edge vibe. The lyrics are sung with a “don’t give a damn” attitude, but also with a pointed conviction that we listen closely. The tune rambles on that way for awhile as the band tries to make sandwiches, which in turn, hilarity ensues. Why are they being timed as they make tuna sandwiches? Who are the people timing them, and for what reason? Are they on some whacked game show, or better yet, dueling it out to see who gets to haul gear to the venue that night?

We probably will never know what the hoagie’s are all about, but it’s all good fun; and when the beat drops around the three-minute mark, “Killin’ It In The Kitchen” goes full-bore big band with massive horns and guitars and ends with a memorable flourish.

You can catch this fantastic band soon at Trans Pecos on February 1st for their video release gig and again on the 19th at Sidewalk Cafe – tell them we sent ya.


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Article: Shayne Hanley




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