If feeling weird and emotional is your thing, then the new video from Michael Hollis called “Wayward Son” should be right up your alley.

Starting with a soulful howl and intricate guitar work, the video begins with what seems to be a bored, but imaginative child and his Teddy Bear. Then come the noises that if you’re old like me, sound like a cassette tape that that has been mangled and listened to while fast-forwarding; it’s a bit eerie, like the bear is talking, but some how makes sense in this piece. I’ll now refer to those noises as the “squiggles” for the rest of the article.

“Wayward Son” continues with different layers of synth that adds even more intrigue to what the song is about, and many more of the “squiggles.” The song ends very much in the way it starts, but then we get a treat as the video is actually the last two songs on the new EP and we get treated to a somber “Memorial Day” to end the video.

The real highlight is the beautiful and stunningly simple guitar work, which makes sense as Hollis is the guitarist for the popular upstate band, Breakfast In Fur. Hollis will be releasing his debut EP on 2-10-17 and you can pre-order it right here, and will also be celebrating with an album release show at Sunnyvale, NYC on 2-13.

Drawing by Kaitlin Van Pelt


Catch Michael Hollis on tour:

02/13 – Brooklyn, NY @ Sunnyvale
03/01 – Kingston, NY @ BSP ^
03/02 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Way Station ^
03/03 – Wall, NJ @ Arts Project Room ^
03/05 – Philadelphia, PA @ Ortlieb ^
03/06 – Baltimore, MD @ Music Space ^
03/09 – Atlanta, GA @ Mammal Gallery ^

^ Liana Gabel



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Article: Shayne Hanley


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