Pancakes And Whiskey is happy to share the new track from Born Cages called “Half Asleep” today. “Half Asleep” is off the NYC band’s upcoming EP called Exit Signs In A Burning Building and we look forward to that dropping on 4-7-17.

The catchy track starts with deep synths, charged percussion and then breaks wide open with the lyrics that are sung with conviction; but with an airy quality that feels light and when the chorus breaks it’s enormous and freeing. Tons of indie-bands are trying to nail this sound down right now and we gotta give props for Born Cages for raising the bar on this track; they’ve made the sound their own and will bring it hard in 2017, which we think we be a huge year for them.


“Half Asleep happened because of my Instagram story. This was by far the last song I wrote for the new record… actually didn’t start writing it until we were in the studio mixing with Justin Gerrish. I posted a clip of the guitar riff part on my Instagram story and a few people wrote back to me saying, “whoaa”. So I thought, maybe I should turn this into something. I think I was feeding into the excitement that we were getting in the studio, and the chorus just became this big gospel-y moment of realization, from finally getting this album into the right direction after a year of reclusive writing.” – Vlad Holiday


Good thing for us, the band plays tomorrow night (2-8-17) at The Delancey, and if we’re lucky we’ll hear this great tune.


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Article: Shayne Hanley

Cover Image: Nicole Mago




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