When you spend a good portion of your week listening to new music submissions, things can get tedious and after awhile, things start to sound the same. So, when I pressed play on this new track from New Orleans’ Room Thirteen called “Crushed Velour” I was instantly transported to a wonderful and magical place full of jazzy instruments.

Sounding like something out of an obscure 70’s road-trip flick, “Crushed Velour” envelops us with warm keyboards, well time horns, and lyrics that wash over us like a whiskey cocktail at the beach. It’s an odd trip, one with a destination that may seem familiar, but doesn’t turn out being what you planned, and that’s what makes this song special in today’s oversaturated music scene.

“Crushed Velour” is off the new album from Danny Clifton and friends which dropped two days ago called Roccopulco on Elestial Sound Records.


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