The Blues can be a cure for the ills or draw you deeper into the darkness; on the other hand it can be a catalyst for deeper thought that sparks change, it all depends on you. So with this incredible video premiere from Jackie Venson called “Rollin’ On,” you decide what the outcome is.

Recorded live at Austin, Texas’ Strange Brew, “Rollin On'” is six-minutes of pure-blues that ebbs and flows with Venson’s impeccable vocals and straight forward, but laser-like guitar work. Most of the tune follows a slow and chugging 4/4 time signature with heavy doses of organ that flows perfectly, but then breaks out fully around the four-minute mark with a fiery solo from Venson that blows us away until the song fades to a slow close.

The song Rollin’ On is featured on my latest album ‘Jackie Venson Live at Strange Brew’. This show represents a milestone for me, it is a show in Austin Texas that happens every summer called “Unplugged at The Grove.” I’ve had it as a personal goal to do this for years now and I felt recording it live was necessary. – Jackie Venson


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Cover image: Pooneh Ghana


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