We’ve been hearing a ton about Single Girl, Married Girl lately and are happy to premiere the first single off of their upcoming LP called Spark today. “Dirty Water” is a smooth and dreamy tune highlighted by gorgeous vocals, a strong bassline and jangly guitars that sways and dances in all the right ways – and it just makes you feel good.

It’s not everyday that we get an Astoria, Queens band on our radar, but the scene there is really flourishing as of late and is giving us solid bands that you’ll be hearing about shortly. Featuring Chelsey Coy on vocals and banjo, Charlie Rauh on guitar, Oskar Haggdahl on drums, Shannon Soderlund on backing vocals, and John Gray on upright bass – the band is firmly planted in the folk-pop genre and does it right, as this tune shows. And if this track sounds a bit familiar, remember that Shannon Soderlund sings backup-vocals in Single Girl, Married Girl, which is pretty righteous as she’s a soaring-comet in her own right.

“‘Dirty Water’ is a song inspired by the persona of Taylor Swift. It’s a singer’s self-fulfilling prophecy to date “fools” for the sake of getting good songs out of the break-up (“It’s the muse for the blues of a siren”), but it’s catching up to her,” reflects the band. “‘Dirty Water’ speaks to all of us at times when we don’t step back from a situation to gain perspective. We are too close to something so we cannot see what has been right in front of us all along.” – Single Girl, Married Girl

Be sure to catch this fast rising band at The Quays Pub in Astoria on 3-11, it’s free and we’ll be there RSVP HERE


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Cover Image: Nicole Mago


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