Immediately after pressing play on “Mind Breakthrough” by The Cuckoos, we are transported to another time, and possibly another dimension. With pointed lyrics and a deep-booming voice, Kenneth Frost (vocals/keys) demands you listen to him as his band roars behind him. And the band isn’t your average “psych-rock” cast either with Dave North (lead guitar, backing vocals), Eric Ross (bass guitar), and Cole Koenning on drums; as they have their own style that dabbles in the blues, garage and funk.

We’ve seen the comparisons to The Doors, Pink Floyd and Tame Impala; but I think that just pigeonholes them into something that’s been done before and distracts from their own unique and distinct style. However you’d like to classify them is up to you, but what it boils down to is, they’re just a great young band that has a promising future. The good news for all of us is their self-titled, debut EP is due out on 4-14-17, so more infectious tracks are on the way soon.

“Mind Breakthrough is one of our earliest songs, but it has definitely evolved every time we’ve played it. It’s about taking chances, opening up your mind, stepping out of your comfort zone, and getting a little weird. In this particular case it’s about a guy meeting a girl who guides him and shows him how to open up a little bit.  Life isn’t worth living if you’re playing it safe all of the time. Sometimes you have to get out and experience some wild times. Albums like The Doors’ Strange Days, Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures, and Iggy Pop’s The Idiot inspired this song a lot. We really love playing this one live because there’s lots of room to experiment and try new things during the instrumental bits.” – Kenneth Frost


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Article: Shayne Hanley




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