The Hell Yeah Babies are a rock band from Queens and today we premiere their whacky (and seemingly timely) new video for “Dog Of War.” It’s not everyday that we receive quality rock-music submissions from Queens, so are really excited to share this catchy video. The band is gearing up to make an LP and to help the cause, they’ve set up a cool IndieGoGo Campaign that’s as creative and honest as we’ve seen, so please consider donating to their efforts.

With an almost 50’s-era throwback-feel; the catchy tune is full of poppy-hooks, hammering percussion, timely bass and urgent, yet effortless vocals that go along perfectly with the grainy and fun video that was directed by Alice Teeple. When the chorus breaks, the song really hits its stride and shows that the band knows how to write a strong rock single that has a pop-flair.

“What with the daily onslaught of modern despair (Politics, the economy, the failure of that taco with the fried chicken shell) we wanted to give people something that would get their mind off their troubles: a video where insane egomaniac dictators get bumped off like looney tunes.” – The Hell Yeah Babies


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