The only thing better than a new song to start the week is one that comes with a psychedelic children’s book oozing with cool illustrations. You guessed it, “Skeleton Ave” by OhBree is the complete package, and we’re stoked to premiere it today and offer a sneak peek of the artwork here on Pancakes & Whiskey.

The fun-spooky new single from the eclectic Philly band gives us a nice taste of OhBree’s forthcoming album, Burn Bridges, Burn Pies, out soon on May 19th, which is brimming with tunes that are equally thoughtful and catchy. “Before we really dug into production, I thought ‘Skeleton Ave’ might not make the record,” explained frontman Andrew Scott. “I was afraid it would be overly silly, but as everyone added in their parts, it grew into a much more intricate track that made the song stand out as one of my favorites we’ve ever written! The goofiness, the grittiness, and the grooviness all fit together like pieces of a neon jigsaw puzzle.”

The accompanying children’s book, entitled So You Want To Store Your Silly Soul, is a dark and humorous instructional guide on how to separate your soul from your body – a perfect companion to the madcap track. The sweet read features illustrations by Jersey City artist Josh Didriksen, whose glitch-art stickers can often be seen on the streets throughout JC and Hoboken. Also in the visual realm, OhBree are currently developing an adventure-style computer game that will delve deeper into the fictional characters brought to life in their music.


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If you like what you hear, don’t miss OhBree’s upcoming NYC show at Pianos on May 18th, and remember to pre-order the new album here. According to the band, if you order by May 1st, you can even get your name printed in the liner notes! You can enjoy more artwork from Josh Didriksen on his website or on Instagram.


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Article: Olivia Isenhart

Cover Image: Emily Dubin



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