We love all types of music here at Pancakes And Whiskey, but sometimes we just need to rock the fuck out; and with the new video from j and the 9s called “Love To Be,” we can do just that. If you’ve been following us for awhile – you know that the NYC band has played our CMJ (RIP) showcase – and that we’ve caught their incendiary live shows numerous times because they are a unique and ferocious band that doesn’t follow the “norm.”

In their video for “Love To Be,” which is off their upcoming EP called The Terrible Twos, we get the full-blown j and the 9s concert experience, thrown into a tidy and stunningly-visual clip. It’s pretty much like being at one of their shows complete with locks of hair flying about, j getting in your face to prove a point and the crowd headbanging. The crunchy guitars and hard-hitting percussion really propel the song while j takes the wheel with her pointed lyrics that almost make you feel as if you are part of the story.

“‘Love To Be’ was written on the fly with some influence of honey whiskey and good friends in our old studio in north Brooklyn. We had a lot of fun writing it and loved experiencing it grow during each performance. When it was originally written, the lyrics were improvised then and I just kept them that way. I get a different sense of what they mean every time I listen to them or perform it and are completely up for interpretation.” – j


Don’t miss j and the 9s live for their EP release show at Pianos on 6-15-17

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