Hop into another decade with this brand new single and music video from PEP, “One of These Days,” which we’re delighted to premiere on Pancakes & Whiskey today. The magnetic NYC-based band, who fittingly describe their genre as NuWop, have poured their 1950s-style charm and all-around lovely vocals into a tune that you’re bound to spin multiple times. Lead singer and founder Karys Rhea (who you may know as the current drummer from Evan Rachel Wood’s band, Rebel and a Basketcase) evokes all the precocious romance and sunshine of the radio hits from that era, and she’s well supported by PEP’s mellifluous backup vocals. It’s a great early taste of their upcoming debut album, and thanks to the retro lyric video edited by David Origlieri – a fuzzy, visual feast of vintage cartoons – the words are quick to stick and all the more fun to sing along.

“‘One of These Days (I’m Gonna Be Your Girlfriend)’ was the result of a two week Elvis listening binge,” the band said of the catchy track. “Karys started humming Elvis’ vocal melodies around the house and eventually the lyrics and melody of ‘One of These Days’ organically came to her. It’s one of our more classic songs. We tried to stay true to the music of the late 50s/early 60s and then decided to add an edgier, modern R&B twist for the bridge. It’s really one of those happy-go-lucky summer tunes that speaks for itself.”


You can follow PEP on Facebook, Twitter and Spotify, and watch the new video right here on P&W.


Article: Olivia Isenhart



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