The Explorers Club – a mansion on the Upper East Side of Manhattan adorned with flags that have been on the moon and stuffed polar bears from the Arctic and treasures and trinkets collected from the world over – this was the setting for the unveiling of the Crown Royal’s Artist Collection.  The Collection is a new take on the Canadian Whiskey’s ubiquitous purple felt bags. New York based artists Santtu Mustonen and Yoon Hyup contributed their designs to these special limited edition bags.

Crown Royal

Crown Royal


Through the Crown Royal Artist Collection, the brand will partner with artists across the country to design limited edition bags to be sold with bottles of Crown Royal Deluxe nationwide. Mustonen and Hyup’s designs are the first bags to be created for the initiative. Additional artists will be engaged later this year and the next Artist Collection series will be introduced in February 2018.

Crown Royal


Santtu Mustonen is a Finnish artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. His design exhibits his love for organic patterns, natural science, and movement inspire his work, which combines handcrafted and analog textures in a digital space.

Yoon Hyup is a New York – based artist, who is inspired by the landscapes of cities, murals from the past, and music, such as jazz, funk, and hip hop. He combines these inspirations into individual lines and dots in a freehand-style and composes unique paintings.

Both patterns stay true to Crown Royal’s signature color, but the two artists pulled in personalized touches to make the bags modern and colorful. To reflect the multiple uses that consumer’s give to the signature Crown Royal bag, Santtu’s bag design serves dual functions and can also be transitioned into a fashionable scarf.


You can pre-order these very limited edition bags for $50 through on a first-come first-served basis.


Article: Tyler Lyle


Photos are courtesy of Victory Journal



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