Pancakes And Whiskey is happy to premiere the great new track from Super Cassette called “Happy Obsolete,” which is off their upcoming EP of the same name, due out in September ’17.

Consisting of twin brothers Max and Nick Gerlock (who both sing, play guitar/keys), bassist Devin Hollister, and drummer Zach Briefer, the Berkeley based rock band blends alt-rock with catchy pop-layers which makes for a truly fun listen. Recorded in Max’s bedroom, the EP and song are just what we need in today’s confusing and muddled rock-scene; and provides chunky, yet catchy, riffs, fun lyrics and a back-beat that doesn’t stop, to make a near perfect song for today’s masses.

“Happy Obsolete is the crystallization of the concepts we found ourselves circling around in the songs leading up to this EP. Particularly: death, transience, obsolescence, and the inevitability of everything, (personal and technological), to come to an end or to a point of uselessness. I think what came out in Happy Obsolete is the vacillation between frustration and longing you feel when your last good summer is over, your childhood pet is dead, and your Super Nintendo doesn’t work any more.” – Super Cassette


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Cover Image: Brian Lam



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