We are excited to share the soulful video premiere from singer/songwriter, Brett Benowitz, today called “Lamb,” which is off his upcoming LP entitled Burn To Glow.

“Lamb” starts with jangly guitar and deep synths that provides a fine backdrop for Benowitz’s soaring and pained vocals. You can feel the desperation when he wails “can anybody help me…this love is gonna kill me” and we wonder who trampled all over his soul. While mysterious in nature, the track is straightforward and powerful in its musicianship and gets us excited to hear more from the “concept” album that promises “fast paced rock jams to broken down soulful ballads.

“Lamb portrays the dark side of love: helplessness, spite, cruelty, callousness, and heartbreak. Instead of love ‘completing’ you, it removes your power, imprisons you, tortures you, abuses you, and ultimately destroys you. This is how the story of Burn To Glow begins, with heartbreak and near destruction.” – Brett Benowitz


Follow Brett on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and pre-order Burn To Glow here – and if you want to see Brett live, then you are in luck as his album release show is at The Bitter End on 10-12-17 at 830pm.



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