Let’s start the day with this fantastic song premiere from Down And Outlaws entitled “Imposter.”

image: Scotty Liberatore


The San Francisco band is gearing up for the release of their upcoming EP, Bad Radio, and drops this sonically-rocking track that sways and twists in all the right places. From the jangly and reverb-y guitars, to the utter desperation in which the lyrics are flung about; “Imposter” touches all the bases and sprints home for a winning hit. With touches of psychedelia, blues and some good ol’ fashioned rock, “Imposter” brings with it a bevvy of amazing musicianship that hopefully continues with the release of their Bad Radio EP.

Imposter Art


“‘Imposter’ explores the idea of trying to be someone you’re not. It can be easy to look yourself in the mirror and picture someone you’d rather be compared to the person you are. The song follows that feeling and the moments when it starts to take over. ‘Imposter’ has a sort of repetitive flow of rhythm that builds and drops. We had written the basic looping hooks and vibe of the song and then let the lyrics dictate the direction of the story.” – Down And Outlaws


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Cover Image: Scotty Liberatore



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