The debut video from Baby FuzZ, aka Sterling Fox, called “Cig” is an overall masterpiece that combines a beautiful tune with a visually appealing video, which makes for a memorable experience.

Starting with some pretty guitar-picking “Cig” begins like a puff of smoke that floats and dissipates into the ether, but then the real instrument of the song starts with Fox’s soaring and airy vocals that provides immense depth. While the words flow with ease and clarity, there’s traces of  haunting slide guitar and minimal percussion that add flourishes and color to the straight-forward video featuring everyday people smoking cigs, cigars and joints. It’s really a feel good tune that somehow takes its dark subject matter and twists it around so we actually feel happy; and that is the magic of a great songwriter and we really can’t wait to hear new tracks from Baby FuzZ.


“For the video “Cig”, I just wanted an excuse to smoke some cigarettes. After inviting a bunch of my friends over (and a few strangers off the street), we all lit up. Was looking for techniques  – little quirks or singularities – and how those made each smoker unique. It was a fun observation, and shows that there are any number of stylish ways to harm yourself. Some people in the video were setup as absurd caricatures (the smoking jock, the businessman on his smoke break, etc), but mostly it’s just honesty from regular folks. Didn’t want any gimmicks so shot it on green screen and threw a white background behind to not distract from the humans. The gist of the song is something like ‘life doesn’t turn out like we plan usually, and often it’s in negative ways, but fuck it, we all have to deal with that shit, so might as well embrace the failure of it all and find some solace in the shared experience of having our childhood dreams not come true’. It’s nihilistic, but hopefully positive at the same time. There’s a young boy in the video (my favorite moment) who is smoking and eventually eats a candy cigarette. He represents childhood obv and in the end he jumps off the screen. Everybody dies eventually – no shit – but I think the main point of the song/video is that even if your childhood dreams were to be completely fulfilled in every way, inevitably something would go wrong at some point or your skills would deteriorate or your talent would drop off or your legacy would be tainted or your happiness would be poisoned. The process of dealing with adversity is actually what the bulk of life is all about. Deal with it.” – Baby FuzZ


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