As we begin the fall season, there’s a sense of renewal and excitement. The possibilities of new adventures is the motivation to find new bands and new tunes to fall in love.

Of Clocks and Clouds new video for their song ‘Burn A Hole PT 2’ offers the same excitement with a gorgeous, sultry aesthetic and a catchy song that’s worth putting on repeat. Each listen offers a different perspective as it starts with slow build up and evolves into an exhilarating psychedelic-rock gem.

With its trippy and addicting visuals, it does the song justice as you follow a girl through a mysterious adventure of what looks like an insane lucid trip. The song is reminiscent of Berlin’s music renaissance where bands compose heavy electric laced songs with bass lines that reverberate within you, and drum beats that force you to make the song even louder. Of Clocks and Clouds is the new band  that you’ll appreciate having in your music collection.

We decided to track an extended version of the intro track from our last album. We started jamming w it and it became one of our strongest tunes. We recorded at Studio G in Williamsburg (lettuce, pretty lights, Black Keys, Tom Waits  ) with Jeff Berner ( Shilpa Ray, Haybaby and touring guitarist for Psychic Twin) we tracked that and “Hole in my Head” which has become a staple for our live shows.” – Joe Salgo


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Article: Karen Silva



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